CICESS GP: Community Initiative Center of Excellence for Secure Software

CICESS GP combines on-the-job training and related classroom instruction to help provide employers the in-demand talent they require.

It’s a war out there! Security threats to software are on the rise, and the bad guys are getting better all the time. CICESS GP is the first program in the nation to offer apprenticeships to become a secure software programmer. Be on the winning side. Are you ready?

CICESS GP Apprentices take coursework at Illinois Central College and work for local employers. These apprentices get valuable on-the-job training, and employers benefit from growing their own talent.

Employers, Looking For a CICESS GP Apprentice?

Employers who accept CICESS GP Apprentices for their software needs build their own skilled workforce. Those employers have an easier time finding qualified job candidates and enjoy higher employee retention rates.

Become a CICESS GP Employer

Want to be a CICESS GP Apprentice?

Secure your future in a growing field and use your skills to keep software and data safe and sound. As a CICESS GP Apprentice, you’ll earn money while you learn, and you’ll stand out as a job candidate.

Become a CICESS GP Apprentice