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Apprenticeships are earn-while-you-learn work opportunities, and GP Apprentice connects students and employers for apprenticeship opportunities in a variety of industries.

Are you looking for cost-effective ways to fill in-demand jobs? Apprenticeships are a great way to lower training costs and create loyal employees.

For Apprentices

Build your career while getting paid and trained at the same time. Apprenticeships give you education and employment in one. Employers need workers with the right skills and know-how, and apprenticeships set you apart from the crowd.

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Building Trades Apprenticeships

For Employers

Want a more productive work environment with higher employee loyalty? Meet your needs with apprenticeships, all while saving you training costs. Build a skilled employee pipeline that strengthens your business and the local economy, benefiting all of Greater Peoria.

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Apprenticeships are a growing movement. Over 400,000 apprentices participate every year in about 20,000 Registered Apprenticeship programs across the country.*

*U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration

GP Apprentice Success Stories

Real stories of Apprentices and Employers Shaping Greater Peoria’s Workforce